Melanie Grams

Melanie Grams

Director, Mariposa Camera

Melanie is a German-Hungarian director, producer and award-winning cinematographer residing in Los Angeles. Before relocating to California, she studied directing for film and television at The Media Academy Berlin, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Besides her studies, Melanie worked as a director, cinematographer, and editor for the Berlin-based company Kidsfaces – shooting commercials, image clips, and educational campaigns for Berlin’s Senate Department for Education Youth and Science, and special schools. Melanie focused on working with children from underrepresented communities, including refugees and minors with mental or physical disabilities.

In 2021, Melanie received her interdisciplinary MFA degree in Film Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and worked as a freelance cinematographer and producer before taking on her position as Head of Mariposa Camera at Breakwater Studios.

In 2021 she was the recipient of the Haskell Wexler, ASC Student Documentary Award for her work on Driven, depicting the story of quadriplegic race car driver Mario Bonfante Jr.

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