Kirstin Falk

Kirstin Falk

Senior Advisor, Brand Strategy & Partnerships

Kirstin advises the Breakwater team on scaling the business and growing the brand. This includes overseeing the marketing organization and leading the brand partnerships and client services departments as a Senior Advisor. 

Kirstin Falk was born in the iconic Napa Valley and has lived all over California. Whether she is mountain biking on Mt. Tam, dirt biking in the desert or skiing in Tahoe, she has a passion for exploring the outdoors. Yet throughout her career, she has been mistaken for being a New York City native. Considered a “force of nature” by many that meet her, Kirstin has pursued an unconventional career path driven by a desire for learning new things and meeting different people. 

Kirstin is a marketing challenger who doesn’t settle for the status quo, and this is reflected in the innovation she has brought to her roles. She is an award winning brand storyteller and creative leader who has worked at the intersection of brand, advocacy and storytelling, across fields as diverse as financial services, Democratic politics, healthcare, and nonprofit start-ups. Kirstin has held a range of senior leadership positions in the political and nonprofit sectors from DC to the Bay Area. 

She is passionate about helping companies scale and build modern brands that are relevant in a world where change is the constant. She spent almost eight years working at Charles Schwab, a leading financial services company, creating brand storytelling and innovation programs that continue to redefine the industry. Most recently, she spent a year at a “unicorn” healthcare startup to grow the brand in anticipation of a major funding event.

Her approach to work and life is the same: a focus on continuous improvement and boundless curiosity. She is a talented communicator and speaker featured in internal company presentations & roadshows, podcasts, blogs, panels and marketing media for her expertise on topics such as agile marketing, brand storytelling, marketing innovation, and the future of work.

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