Josh Upton

Josh Upton

Advisor, Brand Partnerships

Josh is a Development Partner who develops careers, ideas and businesses with values aligned partners. At Breakwater he serves as an Executive Coach and Brand Partnerships Advisor supporting the development of its people and the business.

Whether coaching founders, independent creatives and business leaders, producing creative projects or leading organizational change and strategy teams, Josh’s work is grounded in facilitating a human-centered, safe and productive environment with anyone he works with. Following his curiosity and passion for learning, he has hands-on experience across a wide variety of industries and comfort working with people at any level of an organization including clients from Emerson Collective, Youtube, The Pudding, Sylvain Labs, TikTok, ustwo and more.

Josh believes in a world where we can do our best work and show up our best selves while creating space for others to do the same, and strives to model that vision in his life and through his work. He’s a native New Yorker, musician, swimmer, volunteer mentor, amateur chef, friend, R&B enthusiast and seasoned hype-man.

Learn more about him, his work and his music here.

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