Daisy Tinsley Barnett

Daisy Tinsley Barnett

Advisor, Brand Partnerships

As a seasoned creative leader, Daisy is working with Breakwater Studios to identify and build brand storytelling partnerships.

Daisy is a California native who was force-fed hippy health food and spent most of her childhood barefoot and was encouraged to draw, paint, make films with the family’s Super 8 film camera and put on plays for the neighborhood. Her mother was a photographer, and her father was a computer nerd. In an act of rebellion, Daisy moved to Boston to attend college where she could dress preppy and be productive. She majored in communication and dreamed of being the next Diane Sawyer, but after an internship at a news station she quickly realized she loved production much more than being on screen.

During her career, Daisy has produced advertising, marketing and entertainment content for Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Miramax, Playtone, Discovery Channel, Apple, LinkedIn, Levi Strauss & Co., and Visa.

Early in her career, Daisy moved to Hollywood and worked in feature film marketing as a producer and post-production supervisor. Her love for editing and post-production continued as she went on to work for independent production companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Daisy’s relationship building skills and natural leadership qualities combined with her production acumen landed her an opportunity at Apple in the mid-2000’s where she spent nearly a decade leading a team of world-class video, animation, and motion graphics producers in the Marcom department. She then moved on to lead a large team of creative and production professionals at LinkedIn as the Director of Media and Live Content Production. After many years in the world of brand marketing and advertising, Daisy was ready for a change (and a break) and took some much-needed time off.

Daisy is now starting her second act and getting back to her creative roots by exploring fashion and writing. In addition to serving as an advisor to Breakwater, she is the founder of her own fashion business, The Daisy Edit. She lives in The SF Bay Area with her husband and enjoys running her own business, writing, playing terrible golf, traveling around the country to visit their four children in college (there’s a set of twins in there) and watching films.

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